Amazing Lottery Stories

Anybody can play the lottery – you just simply purchase a ticket. Playing the multiple million US Powerball, mega millions or other lottery game any week is simple – simply get your ticket in a stand, or play the US Powerball online from anyplace on the planet!

In the event that you wind up winning the gigantic big stake, you’ll join a not insignificant rundown of erratic characters. But will you be as lucky as the winners in this week’s post?

Take the three lottery players beneath,Fran Selak, Stephen Cooke and Gloria Mackenzie, for instance. They gathered up millions in lotto prizes but their luck did not end there. They likewise experienced mind blowing life events that paved the way to their lottery wins.

Amazing Lottery Wins

Here are some fun and amazing lotto stories from past winners. If you think just winning the lottery makes you lucky then you’ll be amazed by our first story.

How Lucky Can You Get?!

Meet Fran Selak, the possible the luckiest man in the world.

Fran the man has nine lives like a cat.

He is none other than a standard Croatian music educator who has survived some amazing brushes with death on more than one occasion.

Frano Selak survived a wrecked car crash, has been sucked from a plane, survived when a bus he was riding in crashed into a nearby river, he got away from his fire ridden auto (twice!), has been hit by a bus, and survived when he drove off a cliff by accident.

So it was no surprise to everyone who knows Fran that in 2003, he was fortunate and lucky again when he won $1 million in the Croatian lottery!

When Being Lucky Once Isn’t Enough

In 2003, Stephen Cooke won a $13.3 million Super Millions lottery bonanza – twice!

Yep you read that right. He won not just once but twice and it was all due to a simple mistake.

When he went to assert his prize, he all of a sudden recollected that he had purchased another ticket with similar numbers!

You see Stephen thought he had forgot to buy his ticket with his usual numbers on it and therefore bought another one thus having 2 winning tickets.

You certainly can win the lottery twice!

Fortunately it worked out for Stephen,however did you know that millions in prizes go unclaimed every year.

This doesn’t, in any case, happen to online players, as they are paid out naturally!

There are numerous players who have had a twofold measurements of lottery fortunes like Stephen, winning more than one immense big stake prize!

Will you be one of them?

Lucky Dip

gloria mackenzie

Gloria Mackenzie from Florida won an incredible $590.2 million U.S. Mega Millions bonanza in 2013.

She always plays a quick pick.

A kind lady who also wanted a quick pick let the old woman in front of her in the Snappy Pick line and (inadvertently) let her buy the winning Powerball ticket!

Call it destiny or simply unadulterated good fortunes, the outcome is the same – Gloria Mackenzie is presently one well off lady!


  1. Francesco Albares

    Mad stories like this really make you think that some people are just born super lucky. I wish I was one of them.

    1. Post

      Francesco many people believe that you make your own luck. Why not try a lotto program and see if you can do the same.

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