Tips For Getting the Most From Your Lottery Plays

lottery plays

Today around evening time, the lottery big stake, after 14 back to back rollovers, is believed to be going to be a record £57.8m jackpot prize. This is a total so enormous that under lottery rules somebody, some place, needs to win it.

Which leaves only one inquiry: how might it be you? How can you win the lottery? Can you learn how to win the lottery?

How to Win the lottery

Here are our nine tips to support you in your quest for lotto triumph:

how to win the lottery

1. Eat blue Stilton cheddar

Cheddar influences you to dream. I kid you not.

blue stilton lottery dreamFurthermore, as per the statements of those clever people at the English Cheddar Board, “the voice of English cheddar”, eating blue Stilton cheddar creates especially striking dreams. Sufficiently distinctive for you to have the capacity to recollect those triumphant lottery numbers that showed up in your fantasy.

Don’t believe this can help you win the lottery? Then simply take a gander at this night-time visionary:

Terry Vigus, 59, from Loughton in Essex. In 2014 he had “an extremely striking dream” about the lottery and inside a month he had won £1.2m. So, the myth was born that Vigus dreamt the winning numbers.

But this was not actually the case.

As a matter of fact it was Mr Vigus’ little girl who revealed to him which numbers to utilize, not the dream fantasy, but rather we should not bandy. Also, many individuals say late-night cheddar eating gives you bad dreams, not triumphant lotto-winning dreams.

As a vegan I also discourage anyone from eating any dairy products anyway!


chicken pecking keyboard

2. Get your chicken to peck your mini-computer

In 2003, Billy Gibbons’ pet chicken, Kiev, pecked at some seed that had fallen on to his mini-computer, tapping in five numbers. So he played them.

They came up, winning Mr Gibbons, of Audlem, Cheshire, £1,297.

He was so cheerful, he renamed the chicken Fortunate.

That went less well.

Fortunate was eaten by a fox.


3. Move to Romford, England

A recent UK lottery report proposed that the Romford postcode region was the most fortunate place in England.

Fortunate indeed as one of every 1,238 grown-ups having won a prize of more than £50,000 since the lottery started.

Romford is a very lucky part of the world.


4. Stay with the numbers you generally utilize

mega millions ticketsThey’ll come up one day, won’t they?

Not as indicated by Dr John Haigh, emeritus peruser in science at Sussex College.

“It doesn’t make a blind bit of difference how many times you have tried a particular set of numbers” he says. “With each draw, the likelihood of every one of the six coming up is dependably the same, 1 out of 45 million.” Ouch!


5. Alright at that point, dump them

That is the thing that Eric Hesitate, of Fakenham, Norfolk, did in 2008 when he quickly overlooked the numbers that he had been utilizing since the lottery started. He purchased a fortunate plunge rather – and won £7.6m.

In any case, here’s Dr Haigh once more: “Whatever you do, the numbers come up totally at irregular. The chances are the same.”


6. Attempt the most widely recognized numbers

hot numbers

There are supposed hot and cold numbers.

Cold numbers rarely come up while those hot numbers pop up all the time.

Therefore as a simple rule-of-thumb just avoid those elusive cold numbers and pick only hot numbers.


7. Or the most past due numbers

Ball No 24, you may believe, is most likely due an appearance in your favorite lottery draw.

But when you check you  find that the last time it was drawn was 201 days prior to the last game.

In spite of the fact that Dr Haigh has clearly stated that paying little mind to what has occurred some time recently, the probabilities continue as before for each draw:

“The balls don’t recognize what they are doing.” you may want to pick that number because it’s due an appearance…right?!


8. Channel the soul of Sir Alec Bedser

sir alec bedserDr Haigh suggests gaining from cricketing awesome Sir Alec Bedser, the famous Cricketer, to abstain from sharing your £57.8m big stake with another victor.

“When he bowled his leg cutters,” Dr Haigh clarified, “It was said he had no clue where they were going – so lord help the poor batsman. It’s somewhat similar to that with the lottery.”

“If you do anything systematically, it’s likely someone else will have thought of it and done the same thing, so you’ll have to share your winnings. To guard against that, choose numbers totally at random.”


9. Purchase 45,057,474 lottery tickets

That is what number of conceivable blends of numbers there are in the 59-ball lottery draw.

In this way, as Dr Haigh affirms, in the event that you purchase 45,057,474 of them and pick an alternate mix for every play ensuring you cover every possible combination of those 59 numbers : “You are will undoubtedly hit the winning numbers.”

In spite of the fact that in England at £2 a ticket, you would have burned through £90,114,948. At current exchange rates that just $120,991,933.78!!!

However, you could call yourself a lottery victor be shot holding a container of champagne and a major check.

Of course there is a hidden #10 – use software to help you win the lottery.

So, hopefully these 9 super lotto tips have shown you how to win the lottery in an entertaining, and dare I say, helpful way.